"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

-Steve Jobs


What’s the problem?

We’ve noticed that manufacturers had unfairly abandoned the development of PCs, and went in the direction of mobile phones and ultrabooks, neglecting the true values of power and transformation. We want to start the development of a PC in a new direction.

Our solution!

Our team is here to create a computer that will be the work of an art which is small as it can be, but not as much to affect the overall performance.

Computer case Arteklux as solution
Back in the ‘70s big visionary Steve Jobs has set forth the 3 principles:

1. Design

A timeless design that represents a work of art and lays the foundation of the highest order.

2. Power

Powerfull enough to perform the most demanding tasks such as photo processing, audio, video, rendering, gaming...etc.


All components are housed in a small enclosure to accommodate a little space on your desk and are therefore easily portable.

Build quality for the Arteklux computer case

Our main goal is to make the best possible product. That is why we’ve decided to use the highest quality materials we were able to acquire on the market. This is the first time that someone has dared to produce the case made of stainless steel. 

We’ve used the finest polishing surface treatment and subsequent plasma treatment to achieve the most luxurious look our casing has. In this way we came up with a flawless product which is so characteristic of today’s mobile phones. 

Special cooling is designed to pull the air from the bottom and draws it back with a help of three-fan system which has been set in an optimum way. Recommended components will in this manner be provided with a sufficient work load temperature. 

Luxury computers case without screws

The goal we have set ourselves is to make a casing without a single screw and no visible hole! We’ve aimed to make it appear like it was made from just one piece alone. 

Each and every owner of our case deserves to have the great user experience, noticeable immediately. Any tool usage will become unnecessary. You’ll fell the specialness and preciousness of our product in every inch we’ve created for you. 

Assembly and disassembly of a casing has never been more pleasant. It’s so simple that everyone can do it 

Pillars of the Parthenon Athens Greece is our inspiration
Timeless design

We’ve wanted to create a design for the next 10 years. It basicly represents a pillar in modern from which draws it’s inspiration from ancient times. The pillar that, like its ancient predecessors, represents the support, stability and reliability for modern times. 

Computer with style

We’ve removed every redundant detail, every screw, every hole, every bulge. As a result we got the perfect shape, made from one part. Make a great contribution to your work space by setting up sophisticated high-tech and luxurious design.


We built a team with just one task, to start a revolution in constant perfecting of mini computers. 

We want our PC case to be a new standard for PC computers and big black boxes to become a thing of the past! 

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